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IEEE Portugal Sets Course for 2024: Highlights from the 1st Extended Executive Committee Meeting

IEEE Portugal convened its inaugural Extended Executive Committee Meeting of 2024 on February 3rd, marking the beginning of a pivotal year for our section. Representatives from all Portuguese Organizational Units (OUs), officers, and Executive Committee members gathered to reflect on past achievements, address ongoing challenges, and chart a course for the upcoming year.

The meeting agenda was comprehensive, covering a wide array of topics crucial to the functioning and development of IEEE Portugal. Key agenda items included:

  1. Section Overview and ExCom Transition: The meeting commenced with an overview of the current state of IEEE Portugal, including the introduction of new Executive Committee members and farewells to Diogo Martins and Margarida Trigo.
  2. Chapters, Affinity Groups, and Organizational Units: Discussions centered on the activities and initiatives undertaken by various chapters, affinity groups, and organizational units.
  3. Financial Report: A detailed financial report provided transparency regarding section income, expenses, and overall balance, ensuring accountability and fiscal responsibility.
  4. Activity Plan for 2024: The development of a comprehensive activity plan for the year, including conferences, meetings, and awards submissions, was a focal point of the meeting. The planned activities for 2024 include:
    • Local Board Meeting
    • MELECON2024 (Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference)
    • 2nd Extended ExCom Meeting
    • MsC Thesis Awards, Section Awards
    • Leadership Camp
    • Engineering Day
    • Local and R8 Meetings
  5. Reports and Updates: Reports from various units, including Chapters, and Affinity Groups, highlighted achievements, challenges, and plans for the future.
    Engagement and
  6. Communication Channels: Discussions about effective communication channels and media strategies underscored the importance of fostering engagement and collaboration within the IEEE community.

    Throughout the meeting, OUs, Affinity Groups, and Chapters delivered presentations outlining their achievements, challenges, and proposed initiatives for the upcoming year. From the Communications Team to the Blockchain Group, each entity showcased its commitment to innovation and advancement within its respective domain.

The 1st Extended Executive Committee Meeting of 2024 served as a platform for reflection, collaboration, and strategic planning. As IEEE Portugal embarks on the journey ahead, the shared commitment to excellence and innovation remains, ensuring the continued advancement of technology and the IEEE mission in Portugal and beyond.

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