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Organizational Units' Support

Useful information for Chapters, Student Branches, and Affiliated Groups.

Activities Support

Snail Mail

IEEE Portugal
Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP)
Rua Dr. António Bernardino de Almeida, 431
4200-072 Porto

Tax Information

Name: IEEE Worldwide Limited – Representação Permanente em Portugal
NIF:  980500923

Own Funds

Each Organizational Unit (OU) has its own Bank Account (provided by IEEE Portugal), where they get the HQ rebates (if the required reporting  is submitted)

Use of funds held in each OU’s Bank Account aren’t subject to budgeting/approval. These funds are administered by the OU ExCom, according to their own guidelines. Keep in mind, however, that IEEE is a non-profit and all funds should be used responsibly and in pursuit of our mission;

IEEE PT Treasurer must report to “Autoridade Tributária” and “IEEE Worldwide”.


Mandatory “factura”, “recibo” or “fatura/recibo” including IEEE PT tax info (above!);

Irregular expenses will not be reimbursed.

  1. Fill the expense report;
  2. Send the expense report to the IEEE PT Treasurer (, writing a short description to justify the expense and attaching all original/scanned/photographed documents;
  3. If possible save and deliver all the original documents to the IEEE PT Treasurer afterwards;
  4. The money will be wired to your bank account (written in the expense report).
Direct Payments

In some cases where it is possible to interact with the supplier in advance via email, it is also possible to directly pay for expenses. The section pays directly from the OU bank account. Contact us if this is the case!


Report your events in IEEE vTools.Events.


Car expenses are reimbursed in terms of the number of kilometers traveled. 

Try to get an invoice in the name of IEEE Portugal. Please contact us in case of doubt!

In specific, high-amount cases, fund advances may be possible. This is an exception for big activities like multi-day congresses, and requires planning ahead and early approval.

Newsletter Content Submission Form

Required Reporting

New Officer Report

Submitted after each election

Required so your new officers can perform their job, receive access to IEEE vTools Officer Reporting, reporting, and other IEEE services.

Please send a copy of the confirmation email to

Contact Updates

If your website/email changes, please let us know at

Essential Information

General Guidelines

Communication with the Section:

Use always the institutional email (not your personal) Why? One person may be out of the country or with a busy week. Each reaching a mailing list your e-mail will be read by more than one.

Every one or two years the chapters must do elections (Word Example . PDF example)

IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA)


vTools – is the online platform to be used by chapter management members for communication, reporting and analytics

vTools eNotice (for sending messages to all chapter members)

vTools Events: Activities Reporting (deadline: January 31th, active chapters must report at least 2 activities per year to demonstrate their active status (Extra 75$ – 6 technical activities).

vTools Officer Reporting (report position changes after elections)

vTools Voting

WebEx (conference)

IEEE allows the use of WebEx

OU Analytics (Database with chapters membership and information)

IEEE Portugal Branding and Visual Elements

The branding and visual elements of IEEE Portugal are now accessible for viewing and use. You can explore and access these elements via the following link: IEEE Portugal Branding and Visual Elements.