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Recognizing Excellence: IEEE EMBS Student Chapter of the University of Aveiro

Founded on April 14, 2022, by a group of motivated Biomedical Engineering students, with support from professors at the University of Aveiro, the IEEE EMBS Student Chapter at the University of Aveiro (EMBS Aveiro) has a mission that revolves around promoting pedagogical, scientific, ethical, and moral development among students and the target audience. Presently, the chapter consists of 22 members, distributed among the leadership and three departments: Communication and Image, Business Relations, and Logistics. These members represent students from all three academic cycles and various courses.

However, their recent establishment did not deter them from achieving remarkable success. In a surprising turn of events, they received the title of 2023 Best European EMBS Student Chapter and 2023 Best Overall EMBS Student Chapter. This recognition unfolded at the 45th Annual International Conference of Engineering in Medicine and Biology in Sydney, Australia, from July 24th to 27th, 2023.

Overcoming the Odds

Despite being a relatively new Student Chapter, EMBS Aveiro managed to forge partnerships and organize impactful events that set them apart. Notable among their achievements are:

    • Envision BioMed: A significant event in October 2022, featuring lectures and workshops on diverse Biomedical Engineering topics, with participation from faculty and industry leaders.
    • Educational Initiatives: These include hospital visits, lectures by international experts, and collaborations with the Institute of Telecommunications.
    • Science Digest: A monthly initiative on social media to deliver engaging Biomedical Engineering content, covering myths, trivia, student takeovers, and expert interviews.

Expectations Surpassed and the Weight of Responsibility

When asked about their expectations, EMBS Aveiro admitted that they did not anticipate winning, given the fierce competition from various Student Chapters across Europe and globally. Interestingly, their participation was encouraged by a supportive university professor who closely followed their work and witnessed their remarkable growth and impact in a short time.

While winning the award was an unexpected turn of events, being named the 2023 Best European EMBS Student Chapter e 2023 Best Overall EMBS Student Chapter. brought forth new responsibilities. It was a validation of their hard work, emphasizing the importance of their efforts. This award has given them the confidence to believe in themselves, acknowledge their capacity for growth as individuals and as a team, and has motivated them to continue their mission.

A Beacon of Inspiration

The IEEE EMBS Student Chapter of the University of Aveiro has demonstrated extraordinary dedication, creativity, and impact in their short history. Winning the prestigious awards in the face of stiff global competition is a testament to their commitment to the field of Biomedical Engineering and their unwavering dedication to enriching the educational experiences of their peers.

Their journey is more than a testament; it’s an inspiration to other IEEE Student Chapters, showcasing the transformative power of passion, collaboration, and unwavering commitment. To discover more about the projects being developed by EMBS Aveiro, click here.

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