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Join the IEEE Portugal Young Professionals Team

IEEE Young Professionals is your gateway to a dynamic international community of early-career engineers and technology enthusiasts. Whether you’re in an academic or industrial context, we offer networking opportunities and unique learning experiences. Our commitment extends to helping young professionals evaluate their career goals, polish their professional image, and create the building blocks of a lifelong and diverse professional network. Affiliation with IEEE Young Professionals is open to Graduate Students and higher-grade members with early career interests at no additional cost. We foster connections with leading professionals and companies, striving to enhance knowledge sharing through workshops and other technical activities that keep our members at the forefront of technology. Our expanding Affinity Groups and volunteer opportunities provide career advantage resources, allowing members to leverage the power of our global network. Join us today and be part of something extraordinary!

We believe in the potential of our young professionals to drive innovation and bring positive change”, said Samuel Carvalho, Chair of IEEE Young Professionals. “We are excited to invite motivated individuals who are not afraid to face challenges and can thrive in a dynamic professional community”.

IEEE Young Professionals is on the lookout for candidates who possess the following qualities:

  1. Commitment to Advancing IEEE Young Professionals: The organization seeks individuals willing to dedicate their time and efforts to propel IEEE Young Professionals towards new heights in the early stages of their careers.
  2. Fearless and Resilient: Prospective candidates must demonstrate a fearless attitude, embracing challenges with a determination to overcome obstacles as they shape their careers.
  3. Effective Team Players: As most work will be conducted in a dynamic and collaborative professional environment, applicants should showcase their ability to work effectively within a team.

The available positions for young professionals to apply for include:

  • Activities Coordinator: Responsible for organizing and coordinating key professional development events, workshops, and technical activities for our members.
  • Industry Engagement Coordinator: Fostering connections between young professionals and industry partners, creating opportunities for collaboration and professional growth.
  • YP Ambassador: Serving as a representative of IEEE Young Professionals, promoting our community, and facilitating engagement among early-career professionals.
  • Secretary: Handling meeting minutes, conserving important documents, and facilitating communication between different committees.

This is an excellent opportunity for early-career professionals looking to make a significant impact on IEEE Young Professionals’ growth and further their leadership skills. The organization is eager to welcome passionate young professionals on board, united in the pursuit of innovation and excellence. For all those who want to be part of a network that values professional growth, personal development, and collaboration, this is the challenge. Contact us and submit your application to our email today and be part of something extraordinary!

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