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IEEE Sections Congress 2023: Fostering Global Collaboration and Innovation

The esteemed IEEE Sections Congress, organized by the Member and Geographic Activities division, reconvened in 2023 with renewed enthusiasm, bringing together passionate volunteer leaders from around the world. This triennial event, held in person at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa, Canada, offered a unique platform for leaders to exchange groundbreaking ideas and explore the multitude of resources and programs that IEEE provides within their local regions.

The IEEE Section Congress, a truly global conference, convenes every three years, connecting leaders from all corners of the IEEE universe. After a successful edition in Sydney, Australia, in 2017, the event was regrettably postponed in 2020 due to the global pandemic. However, from August 11th to 13th, 2023, Ottawa, Canada, witnessed the grand revival of this extraordinary gathering.

Prominent attendees included distinguished figures from the Portuguese section, comprising Rodolfo Oliveira (Chair), Ana Margarida Trigo (Vice-Chair), and Carlos Ferreira (Treasurer), representing the executive committee. Accompanying them were Ana Madureira and Maria Teresa Correia de Barros, esteemed officers of Region 8, further enhancing the event’s global representation.

Beyond formal meetings, this Congress provided a vibrant space for dynamic networking sessions. IEEE leaders from diverse backgrounds engaged in robust discussions, exchanged innovative ideas, and shared best practices. The event also featured exhibit booths hosted by various IEEE organizational units, offering valuable insights into IEEE’s extensive resources and tools, enriching and fortifying local units.

Mentoring sessions played a pivotal role, equipping officers with in-depth knowledge of IEEE’s multifaceted landscape. These sessions were thoughtfully designed to offer valuable guidance, empowering officers to navigate their roles with confidence and expertise.

A highlight of this gathering was the second annual meeting of Region 8. This momentous event united representatives from every section within the region, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and idea exchange. It exemplified the sense of community and unity that defines IEEE.

IEEE Sections Congress 2023 transcended being a mere event; it stood as a celebration of global innovation, collaboration, and shared aspirations. Attendees departed with a renewed sense of purpose, armed with fresh ideas and valuable connections to drive IEEE’s mission of advancing technology for humanity. As we reflect on this exceptional assembly of brilliant minds, we eagerly anticipate the innovations, collaborations, and positive impacts that will emanate from the collective efforts of IEEE leaders worldwide. Stay tuned for updates and future events as we continue shaping the future of technology together!

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