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Local Board Meeting 2023

Local Board Meeting is an event that aims to form the new executive commissions of Student Branches, as well as to create links between them. Through the sharing of technical experiences related to the management of the Students Branches, organization of workshops and training sessions in the area of soft skills, as well as talks with several companies in the area. The 4th edition of Local Board Meeting sponsored by Critical Manufacturing was co-organized by the IEEE Portugal Section and IEEE Universidade de Aveiro Student Branch occurred during the 4th and 5th of March 2023.

According to Aline Gouveia, Student Activities Committee secretary, the goal of the Local Board Meeting is 

To allow the IEEE Portugal Student Branches to share their experiences, and to come up with new ideas on how to approach problems that are sometimes common to all. Furthermore, we as the Student Activities Committee team teach each Student Branch the importance of recruitment, handovers, and elections.

Regarding this year sponsor, Critical Manufacturing was founded in 2009 by four highly experienced manufacturing software entrepreneurs, Critical Manufacturing is a company dedicated to empowering manufacturers of complex, high-tech discrete products with a manufacturing execution and intelligence system to achieve their goals. Since its foundation, it has quickly gained a relevant position in MES market, counting with top performer manufacturers as customers. The company drives business value through the convergence of intelligence, operations, and automation technologies for Industry 4.0, with the implementation of innovation, agility, and commitment values in its working mode. In 2021, Critical Manufacturing was named leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for MES and a month later scores highest in 3 out of 4 use cases in the 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities for MES Report. Since 2018, Critical Manufacturing is part of ASMPT, a global technology and market leader that develops and provides leading edge solutions and materials for the semiconductor assembly and packaging industries.

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